Connect to the Web

Useful Internet links to the IRS, Social Security and other web sites.

Research Tax Information

Internal Revenue Service

Where's My Refund?. Articles and Links to find out " What's New" for the current year and other information on the Goverments website. Scam's and how to protect your information per IRS. What steps you should take if your personal information was compromised.

Social Security

The official website for Social Security Benefits. Apply on-line, calculate your social security benefits. What are you entitle to?

States of Michigan Link

Where's My Refund and More....

Verify your Individual and Business information with direct links to various Michigan sites. On-line assistance for refunds, payments also Sales and Withholding assistance.

Senate Rep St of MI

Identify your State Senator and contact their office. Voice your opinion and more.

House of Representatives

Find out who your House of Representive is for your State. Contact their office.